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LLC "DV-Resource"

Environmental Protection

LLC “DV-Resource” goal is to conduct our business in a way that protects the environment and everyone who works with us has a responsibility to give their best efforts to achieve this goal. We are committed to do this through our policy principles.”

Consequently, LLC “DV-Resource” plans and conducts their operations, according to sound environmental principles. They are to strive always to carry out work in the manner best calculated to minimize any adverse environmental effect, to prevent pollution of any kind, and are actively to seek ways of preventing  LLC “DV-Resource” producing environmental damage.

Where our operations, our conduct or our existence is subject to specific laws or regulations, our company will comply fully with all such applicable laws and regulations, and if possible will exceed the minimum requirements because this is good business practice. Special attention will be paid to ensure compliance with international conventions and regulations which apply offshore. In the absence of legislation our company will adhere to appropriate corporate standards.

LLC "DV-Resource"

Maximizing Operational Safety & Minimizing Our Environmental Footprint

LLC “DV-Resource” company has been facilitating global trade flows for over some years now. To continue fulfilling that role, it is essential that we keep our company healthy and fit for the future. Our long-term success depends on our ability to innovate and respond to changing demands from both the market and society. Today, we store energy and chemical products that are crucial to people’s lives, but can endanger their health and the environment if stored or handled inappropriately.

And we explore ways to facilitate the introduction of more sustainable technologies, processes and products. Our ambition is to be a strong link in our customers’ global value chains and a leader in our industry. We aim to achieve this by maximizing operational safety and minimizing our environmental footprint; by training our people, developing talent and sharing best practices and by encouraging and maintaining an open dialogue with our stakeholders, as a responsible member of the communities in which we operate. This is how we are working towards becoming the partner of choice for all our stakeholders, from customers, business partners and shareholders, to employees, local communities and society at large.

Protection Of Health And Safety

LLC “DV-Resource” is committed to the protection of the health and safety of our employees, our customer’s employees, and the general public. We believe that incidents and injuries are preventable, and that a job is only well done if it is done safely. We have documented Health, Safety and Environmental policies in place, and have a Safety Management System in operation.

Our employees worldwide ensure quality and customer-oriented logistics services, with the constant guidance of our core values;​ customer satisfaction, quality, innovation, and economic, environmental and social sustainability.

Responsibility To Society

The company is aware of its responsibility to society to ensure healthy and safe working conditions of employees, preservation of favorable environment, the rational use of natural resources, as well as counting on the public understanding of the complexity and scale of the challenges facing the company in this field. In this regard, the Company’s policy is inextricably linked to the existing regulatory and legal framework of the Russian Federation in the field of occupational safety, industrial and environmental safety and rational use of natural resources, as well as the recommendations of international standards and specifications.

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